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Cheat Codes

Posted in Uncategorized by myblog1910 on December 21, 2005

Cheat Codes. Love them? Hate them?
So you are not clear what cheats are? It’s either a game pad button sequence or a certain word or words that will change the normal game by giving you more lives, weapons or smilar stuff. To be even more detailed: cheat codes change the whole game. The first cheat codes ever were used back in the 80s in Atari jump and run

games. almost every game has cheat codes embedded like Neopets

Ageof Empire 2, the Sims,

MortalCombat, and Lordof the Rings.
Adding cheat codes to games is really common in 2005. In most computer, playstation or xbox games you can enable cheats

easily. For more information browse to CheatCode Maestro