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Clickadequalizer – Review

Posted in Uncategorized by myblog1910 on November 27, 2006

Clickadequalizer – Review

Click Ad Equalizer Finds The Most Profitable Search Terms And Products For You!

I have to admit that click ad equalizer is indeed a great product. You enter a search term and it will immediately come up with the top adwords bids for that particular keyword. Theoretically you can just go ahead, check out your competitors adwords ad, make a better peforming ad and overbid your competitors ad. After that you should theoretically make tons of sales. This is of course true and a fact. There is just one thing: the conversion rate. You want to make a profit, So in some cases this might become a problem. You might end up paying more for your adwords ad than you make in profits. So choose the niche carefully. Use only high ticket items to promote and yes …. you will end up with a huge profit. So click ad equalizer is indeed a great piece of adwords software that will help you increasing profit drastically…. if you do it right.

Find below a listing of features of click ad equalizer:

With Click Ad Equalizer You Can:

Make 1000’s a Day From Home
Build Multiple Streams Of Revenue In Minutes
Instantly Find Profitable Keywords And Products
Never Have to Own Your Own Website
Never Have to Deal With Any Customers
Never Have to Personally Sell Anything
Increase your Current Revenues In Seconds
Know Exactly What Products Profit Best
Know Exactly What Keywords Profit Best
Multiply Other’s Efforts Hundreds of Times For You
Expand Into Every Profitable Niche On The Net
Do Hundreds of Hours of Research With One Click
See A Hot Product The Second it Hits The Market
Find The Cheapest Traffic Possible
Drill Down Multiple Tabs To Expose Untapped Profit Machines In Seconds!
And Much, Much More…

For more details click below:

Clickadequalizer: Adwords Software


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  1. I agree, ClickAd Equalizer is a great tool. If you sell Clickbank products it is especially helpful since you can access the ClickAd Market through the software.

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